Email Marketing Strategy 2023: Tips, Trends and Examples

email marketing strategy trends

Email marketing is one of the best digital marketing techniques that will build an authentic relationship with the targeted audience in 2023. It keeps your business alive and thriving in the digital space. A marketing email is not like the note left by your friend. It is the element to take the business to the targeted audience. A good marketing email should work to build an authentic relationship with the audience. Email marketing strategy is very much of importance when designing email campaigns in 2023.

It should give your subscribers a feel of love and invite them to your website or marketing page. Remember that it is easy and possible to get lost in the ocean of possibilities offered by email marketing at any time. However, when you are following certain things and guidelines, you can make the marketing strategy delightful to your customers. Here are such lists of factors you have to remember for the perfect email marketing 2023 strategy. 

Have a killer subject line


If you are wondering how to begin with the email marketing strategy, the best thing you have to work on is to start with the subject line. A perfect subject line can make an email much different from several other marketing emails. It will make the recipient open the mail and proceed with the respective action. Remember that your audience will open the mail only if they feel they will be benefited and if they worry about missing it out. So, it is fine to have a single and simple subject line but ensure that the line is welcoming from the perspective of the audience.

Do not pitch it loud 

Avoid all the caps and multiple exclamation marks in both the subject line and even at the body of the email. It is not only all the caps are equivalent to shouting online, but overusing them may scream spammy email marketing. It may lead to hurt the email open rate, which will ultimately create an impact on the marketing technique. If enough subscribers report you, it could also hurt the email deliverability and get you to backlist by the email newsletter services. 

Analyze the audience 

analysis of audience

Knowing about the reader is one of the best ways that will lead to successful email marketing strategy. When you know what they think or expect, you can write the email marketing copy that will meet their needs and lead to boosting conversions. Use what you know from social media and web analytics. Try to have more interactions with the customers to build your buyer personas or customer avatars. If you know your audience, it will be easy to write the email marketing copy that will lead to stimulating the passion to click on the link in the marketing mail. 

Careful in handling words

For reference, when you look at the best email marketing examples, one thing will always stand out. It is all about the word choice you are using when composing the email. It is crucial to handle the right words to make the readers understand and offer a great experience.

Also, having small and short emails with attractive words with pave ways for enjoying great benefits. If you want to stir the imagination of your readers, appeal to their emotions and get them to take action with the email. Some techniques you can follow are as follows. 

  • Use the analogies and any other literary techniques  
  • Strip up your readers and convey action by using the power words in the subject line, call to action and copy.  
  • Seed your email marketing copy with the sensory words to help them see and feel the picture you will be painting with the right words. In an ideal world, ensure you are evoking the touch and taste as well. 

When you do not care for trust-building, it is crucial to follow these. Avoid the marketing false promises and any other sleazy marketing tactics. This may increase the risk of losing subscribers forever. 

Make it relevant 

Avoid generic marketing in favour of targeted marketing. Customer avatars give you a broad segment you can focus on the copywriting, but within those, there are also several segments. After all, you may not send the same email to a new subscriber or as the repeat customers. So, sending the relevant email will enhance the opening and click through rates. Thus, the segmentation is also highly crucial. 

Frame your goals 

target goals

Still, on the subject of targeting, it is a great practice to have single goals on the things you have to achieve with email marketing. It will assist you to focus on the marketing copy that will talk about several tips. Remember, if you have multiple goals, it may not become more suitable to have a good rate of success. So, you have to plan the email focused on the key actions as per the readers to take and build the right email copy around it. 

Imply personalized options 

Read any advice on email writing copy that will work. It includes the tip about personalization as the crucial element. It is also true using the people’s name in the subject lines, and email marketing copy will automatically get more attention from the audience. However, there are also several other personalization options to carry with email marketing. 

Ensure to align properly 

For the best email marketing copy, everything should be aligned properly. Your copy delivers on the promise of the subject line, and your email also delivers on promise where the subscribers signed up. For instance, if you are delivering the lead magnet eBook, you probably have both the landing page and opting form. When you send the confirmation email, you will likely include the title of the eBook and the same image again in the email. Also, the copy will match as well. This reassures readers that they get what they get when they sign up for that will start to build a trusted relationship. 

Involve in promotional actions 

email promotion

Aside from the subject line, the CTA is one of the crucial parts for the email marketing campaign. This is due to what will get subscribers to convert, by taking the action you would like to take on the readers. It is one of the ways where you can have a perfect way to enhance the subscribers to your email marketing. 

Try to reward your readers 

Any email marketing is the best practice guide that will advise you to reward the readers. The process starts when they open the email and see as per the expectation from your form, landing page or the subject line. When it comes to rewards, there are lots of preferable ways, and you can adopt the most suitable one. 

Implement the strategies for effecting email marketing 

Email marketing continues to deliver the results for the business. However, email marketing has evolved in the recent days. It is no longer as simple as sending the same business marketing email for everyone. It is now the high time to work on an effective way to develop the email marketing technique and earn more CTR. Following the aforementioned strategies will help you highly when you want to work with the right strategies. So, ensure you learn more and do enough research to have successful email marketing for your business. 

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