Google’s December 2020 Core Update


As the people were awaited for several months, now finally the new update has arrived. On December 3, 2020, Google rolled out another broad core update. It was a huge Google core update in recent times. The last update was on May 4, 2020. This new update creates more impact on the improved queries, and the web pages are understood easily. Some experts have offered the opinion that Google is randomizing the search results as well. In a certain algorithm, the features are hard to detect in the search results. Also, it is not easy to point at search results. 

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Officially announced by Google on Twitter

Certain algorithm features are hard to detect in the search engine results pages. It is not easy to point at any search results and say it is ranking due to BERT algorithm, or neutral marching. On the other hand, it is easy to point to backlink, user experience or E-A-T as the reason to explain the ranking of the site. This core Google update has become the 3rd of the year with the first update in January 2020 and second was in May 2020.

Winner And Losers Of This Core Update

Winner And Losers  google Core Update

After this December 2020 Core Update, multiple cities seem to be affected due to lots of reasons. On December 4th, it was the second day of the roll-out SERP for most of the website reached only at .4 volatility mark. Commonly, health, law and Government, real sectors are the most affected across on both mobile and the desktop version. When it comes to the desktop version, the travel and finance sector has also seen high volatility rates on the first day roll out. On the mobile platform, pets and animals, job and education sectors have experienced the impacts.

The Process Of Recovery

Google has also offered information about the recovery time for the websites that were negatively affected by these previous updates. As a rule, the website cannot be fully recovered until the next they give out the next news update. The search engine says that you will find the recovery in the website only when a new core update rolls out. However, there is a chance for improvement and recovery between the updates as per the statement of the experts.

The Penalties Overlap With Update

The timing of manual or algorithmic penalties will often coincide with any of such remarkable google algorithm update. It is hard to tell being outside without knowing the things happening, but there are lots of traffic trajectory hits in it. So, every marketer has to work on the latest updates. It is not only for achieving the top-ranking but to avoid such penalties as well. 

Highlights Of The Core Update 

Core Update effects
  • Adhere to the standard of E-T-A, which means Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness 
  • The update is more content-oriented and focuses more on the quality of the content. 
  • The latest google core update will result in dropping of the loss of traffic, keywords, loss of rich snippets and the overall global ranking.
  • The update will enhance the contextual outcomes for all the search queries. 
  • Fluctuation in ranking positions can be noticed for the searches that happen globally. 
  • There is no fix for any websites that are affected by this new Google update, but to enhance the quality of the content. 

The Recent Trend 

After this core update 2020, the dust has mostly settled, and you can find a clear trend in the SERP ranking. Are any specific types of pages performing or work compared to earlier? As the industry analyzing the Core Updates, it have to travel for the long way. It is critical to try to push a little harder every time and learn a bit more. If you have any idea of expanding the analyses, especially at the page level, you have to get help from the experts.

Summing It Up 

Remember that you are not living in the linear correlations anymore. There are no single factors to determine the performance of the site and its ability to win or lose in this core update. In this December core algorithm update, the factors like authority and the UX seem to be the common theme for both the winners and losers. So, Google shows more authoritative brands at the top of the search results, and it also tries to push the domains with the proof for UX further downwards. 

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