How To Choose the Right Custom Shipping Boxes?

Choose the Right Custom Shipping Boxes

If you wish to have your company logo or company name, message, or symbol on your products’ packing, then you can buy the custom shipping boxes. But first, you need to find a good wholesale provider. It would be better if you ask for quotes from several manufacturers. This way, you will know what the average cost of custom printed boxes are. In addition, you will also know the type of quality your boxes should have. The next step would be to choose the design and pattern for your custom shipping boxes.

Custom Boxes Packaging for Small Products

Custom Boxes for Packaging Small products such as cookies, chocolates, candies, soaps, or other similar items, are best packed in custom boxes. These products are light and can be easily transported in shipping vans. Besides, the small size of these boxes makes them perfect for use in custom packaging. Furthermore, they are also very affordable to pack small quantities.

Boxes for Big or Giant Products On the contrary, if you want to ship huge quantity of items, you should use the custom boxes. These types of boxes are very versatile because they can be used for almost all kinds of products and can be of any business. Nevertheless, you should know how to measure the weight of your goods. As you can see in most packing supplies, there is a specific number that describes the weight. If your box doesn’t meet the requirement, your order will be turned down.

Custom Boxes for Eco-friendly Packaging

There are many companies nowadays who specialize in eco-friendly packaging. If you are in need of eco-friendly packaging, then you should buy the eco-friendly custom product boxes. By choosing these boxes, you won’t cause harm to our environment. Boxes for environmentally friendly products are made of recycled material. In addition, these boxes are usually available in different colors, designs, sizes, and capacities. Thus, you will have many options for customizing your order.


These eco-friendly boxes are designed with the purpose of preventing waste of food and human feces. So, when these boxes are used, there is no danger involved with disposing of the food and feces. However, the question still remains: how to determine what is recyclable and what is not?

Well, with this being said, we would suggest that you always purchase food-safe packaging solutions with this being said, we will then discuss recyclable packaging boxes. The food-safe packaging solutions sold on the market usually meet the requirements of food recyclers. It means that most of them are comfortable.

Custom Printed Boxes

When it comes to custom printed boxes, the color printing method is an important factor. As mentioned earlier, food recyclers demand that packaging is recyclable, thus the color printing method is important. This is why; most of these boxes are made of eco-friendly inks that are friendly to the environment. One of the most popular links today is soybean oil which is ecofriendly. Aside from this, they also come in very numerous sizes and shapes.


Another thing that you need to consider when purchasing custom printed mailing boxes are the packing methods employed. Most of these mailing boxes are packed using polystyrene or foam although some are actually packed using corrugated paperboard. The reason behind this is because foam is considered to be the best medium for packaging since it has the ability to withstand stress.

When it comes to corrugated paperboard, it is known to crack easily especially if these are exposed to high temperatures. Therefore, it is suggested that you either purchase from a manufacturer that uses high quality materials or choose a manufacturer that makes use of eco-friendly materials.


Last but not least, when ordering custom packaging solutions, you need to check if the company offers customer support. If they do not offer any customer support at all, then it would be better to look for another supplier. A company that is willing to help their customers solve problems is definitely someone that is worth buying from. Customer support will ensure that you are fully satisfied with your order and the delivery time. Just always keep in mind these tips when choosing the right box for you.

After you have completed the selection of your custom shipping box, you will then send your goods and affix shipping labels or product info labels on the box. The label printer will be your good shipping companion.

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