Brilliant Push Notification Ideas For Your E-Commerce App

push notification ideas

If you’re letting your ways open in the dazzling world of e-commerce, you’re going to want to be clued up on push notifications and how to use them as a part of your eCommerce strategy efficiently. One must be aware of the effective utilization of Push Notification as a piece of E-Commerce technique. They’re a great way to support advertising and the client venture with your business. An eMarketer report has found that eCommerce apps using push notifications to boost opens saw 278% more app launches than those not using this method. Web message pop-ups are the new MUST for advertising groups. Pop-ups help your customers keep engaged in the process. Here are some great push notification ideas to check out.

What is Push Notification?

push notification

It is nothing but a small pop-up message that can be sent on cell phones to consumers who have your app or website; for more, choose the best email marketing companies. They can be sent regardless of whether the user has the app open and effectively communicates with your customers. It is one of the best ways to make your customers engaged in what is new or happening in your application. This essentially means creating personalized messaging for an individual or segment of users that gives them some value and not just some wrong promotional text.

This permission is asked when the customer is downloading your app. It is regardless of whether they are using it or not. They’ll be more excited to receive pop-ups rather than putting their email address in – it’s a simple either all in or all out setting they can control at any time. Here we cover brilliant push notification ideas for e-commerce apps.

Ideas for your implementation

Ideas for your implementation

Stock Notify

Allows your consumers to sign up for stock alerts on items that are temporarily out of stock. This also can work as a good idea to implement for things that are kept on your customer’s wish lists and bag. There are no set of exponential principles that you need to comply with while creating the pop-up message. So it implies that you could exercise the same level of amusement with push messaging that you do with your other marketing campaigns.

Store Near Me

Store near me

Search Engines nowadays provide a feature of direct search, same as that you can notify them about your stores nearby. Alert your app users to special offers when they are near your stores using location settings on their device. It helps you drive street traffic. Such notification is sent to users in a specific geographical area to deliver a relevant message in terms of both time and place. Not only this, but the messages also contain loyalty points or a coupon code or a discount deal to catch the eye of users instantly. This gives the incredible amount of capability to bricks and mortar stores to attract users as they pass by their preferred locations.

Order and Delivery Updates

Keep notifying about the product. Use push notifications to let them know how the order is being processed with couriers and out for delivery and reach the destination. This works best if your company takes food orders online or runs a similar business. It becomes your responsibility and works to make sure your customers know where their delivery is and at which time it will reach.

Streak Sales

Create a sense of amusement to drive traffic to your app with a flash sale or limited time offer. Clients will be bound to get this notice and blaze a deal and take advantage of the request instead of through an email promoting effort as not every person browses their email as consistently as their telephone. One of the reasons for web-based push notification is the instant delivery on the user end. The idea is to keep bringing back users at the right time, so they do not miss the sale.: Use push notifications to notify your application users about special personalized offers specially made for them. Cause them to feel too extraordinary with advancements like cash off for their birthday or sign-up commemoration offers. It is one of the best ways for E-commerce development.

Seasonal Branding

Seasonal Branding

Let your clients know when you have new lines or items going live every season. The selectiveness of looking at something new will undoubtedly drive the application open. The underlying strategy could be replicated just as well for push notification, too, as displayed in the above use case. Sending offers on summer wear to all users of a particular geo-location- which has experienced a sudden surge in temperature will surely help you grow sale. E-commerce Website development gets a boost.

Price Drop Alerts

They are a win-win situation for traders. People are always excited to buy when there are sales, so keep notifying deals and price drops. Trivia notifications are to show users some love with funny and entertaining messages. E-commerce apps rush to bombard the user’s inbox and notification tray with mindless promotional messages when they have an offer or price drop in any of their categories. No doubt it is not good to exploit the price drop by notifying users about it, but we have to incorporate customization by linking it to an action-based scenario.

Keep Poping Inactive Users

Inactive users should be notified to draw their attention towards the interested products. If you’ve noticed that the user did not have a visit for a while, you can send a push notification with a reminder and offer a code to regain them back. It is supremely important to engage in active users between D1 and D3 as, on average, apps lose 77% of their DAUs within three days post-install. We could pick nuggets from anything right from past service ratings to browsing history to user attributes etc.

Cart Reminders

It would help if you always looked for a lower abandonment rate of your shopping carts on an app than desktop, thanks to a more seamless experience. For those who don’t check out, they can quickly be promoted with a push notification reminder. If the users visit the website, it means they are very much interested in the products. But since they have left the products in the cart and probably have forgotten about them, it’s best to remind them continually. The fastest way to reach those people is via mobile phone push up notifications.

Make the Most of Push Notifications

Push Notification was invented in 2009 and played a significant role in the mobile marketing phenomenon. The exponential penetration of mobile devices has super amplified its importance as a communication channel to target mobile users. Push notification ideas are a great starting point for you to make the most of them for your eCommerce app!

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